Supporting A Small Business

Supporting A Small Business

What are the reasons why you want to become your own boss?

Are you anything like me and hate being told what to do? Do you want to set your own rules and work according to what's best for you. Of course! We all do, however its not always possible.

Here it is 8:16 am on a Saturday morning and I am here working. Yes I'm very thankful for being able to have a job to provide for my family. I will say just as thankful as I am I am tired and often times overwhelmed. I work in a contact center and daily I am dealing with customers with all sorts of different attitudes, wants, and needs. My job is what pushes me to want to be my own boss. This isn't neccessarily a bad thing either. I am things that I am talent about and one day I do want to be able to share these things with others.

Although I can share my talents with others, its not quite as exciting when you don't receive the support that you desire. Sometimes just supporting a small business can be the biggest things for individuals. When supporting a small business you are supporting a dream. I've started creating printed files and digital downloads of beautiful arts that I create. Some arts that are so simple in department stores and sale for such a high amount, can be purchased from an entrepreneur who some day wants to be high recognized and in most cases aren't selling overpriced items that you see in major retailer locations.

How about what day you think about how happy you will make someone by supporting a small business.

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