Let's not forget about self care

Let's not forget about self care

Do you actually feel like you work a 9 to 5 or just a straight 8 hour shift? I know I don't! It's more so a when I open my eyes to a when I close my eyes. On a daily a lot of times you have children you have to run after, then you got to punch a clock. After working a full shift, then you're back to parenting. Taking care of home, helping with homework, preparing dinner. Just simply repeating the same cycle, to only do it all over again the very next day. 

That life can become very miserable and tiresome. This is why you have to squeeze in that self care. Self care comes in all types of forms. That can include making a healthy nourishing meal, doing exercises, treating yourself to a spa, or time a way from everything to read a book. Anything that you can do to nourish the mind and the body is a form of self care.

Its so common and so familiar for women to get caught up in daily life-work, kids, relationships, errands, commitments made to the family. This is why its little time for ourselves it may seem. 

When you don't have any efforts to make time for self care, which will affect your well being, people often feel worn out and have a lack of energy. While feeling worn out and having a lack of energy will only lead to bigger problems on down the line. It's so easy to lose sight of the bigger picture when your life is always on go mode seeming as if its never paused.

Find time to become mindful of your needs. We have to learn to love others and most importantly love ourselves. If we can't love ourselves, there is absolutely no way to love others properly. If something happens to mom, then who will be left to give that love that you strongly desire to give your give your children because you feel like no one can love them better. Self care is needed so that our soul has the health it needs to participate in a well-lived life. 

Without our health we are unable to fully enjoy the pleasures of life. Without health it is also impossible to make the money needed to enjoy the pleasures of life. When you are not living with health, overall it prevents the mind to be at peace.

Every goal that we makes is depending on our health. Within our healthy life where we are managing our self care it will give us the green-light to rely on our soul's journey.

After all, its all easier said that done. However, self care can just be five minutes of immediate meditation. Have you ever just finished driving to your destination and you just sit in the car and stare into space? That is meditation. It only takes five minutes to spend on your body and mind. You can take five minutes to relax, such as breathing exercises, taking a bath, or even a massage to calm your mind. When you have a calm mind, you can approach anything in life that comes at you in a positive manner. This will allow you to make work and family interactions a lot smoother. It is highly encouraged to begin with at least five minutes of self care a day.

Self Care Tips:

  • Drink a glass of ice cold lemon water
  • Say a prayer of gratitude 
  • Listen to soothing music
  • Plan out your day to avoid the rush
  • Read a spiritual book

Once you are able to feel the difference in your mind, you will be able to incorporate more practices until you are a big believer in self care.


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